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Life Sucks Rudolf Steiner Film (Germany 1994)

Director: Rudolf Steiner
Camera: Claus Neumann

Cast: K.G. Trösch, Michael Wrzesinski, Anne K. Rathsfeld, Sieglinde Beichert, Frauke Schütgen

A hit and run accident in an idyllic city suburb. Is this really an accident, or is there some link to a series of murders?

The situation is populated by strange characters - a genial Head of Personnel at a Hypermarket, an ebullient Pathologist at the mortuary, a sensible police inspector and his heavyweight, but sensitive Police Psychologist. A religious sect meets in a mausoleum. At a bar where all these characters congregate, a singer is filled with doubt. Her child was also killed in an unsolved traffic accident.

Suspicion falls on a young man, who is arrested. He would probably have been found guilty, were it not for the recurrence of yet another accident. He can't be responsible, even though some years earlier he had been sentenced for a similar stream of accidents.

The trail can only lead in a different direction so far as the Inspector is concerned. Is he dealing with a psychopath...!?
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