Rudolf Steiner Film
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Life Sucks
Rudolf Steiner Film - 89 mins.

Production & Director: Rudolf Steiner
Script: Rudolf Steiner & Ulrich Plenzdorf
Camera: Ingo Baar
Editor: Alexander Murygin

Cast: Roger Tebb,
Maykelin Quintero, Nico Link


The story of a Father and Son who travel to Cuba to get to know each other better. They journey through a wonderful country with extraordinary landascapes that brings back youthful fantasies for the Father,(Albert - Roger Tebb) yet for the Son (Ernesto -Nico Link) it is a nightmare. On their trip from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, Albert and Ernesto meet eccentric and charming people, but also see the everyday realities of socialism.

Then they meet Noelia, a beautiful young Cuban woman. Both men are instantly smitten. Noelia plays the two men against each other, flirting with them both. This is the first time Ernesto has fallen in love. For Albert, Noelia embodies his memories of an affair from his youth, when he visited Cuba for the first time many years before.

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