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Rudolf Steiner Film

Rudolf Steiner, Richard Wolfel,
Erik Tesch

Edit: Monika Schindler, Alexander Murygin, Sound: Felix Albrecht
Music: DJ Bulet

Cast: Jonas Bachstein, Zahra Kazim, Alexander Murygin, Andrea Kyborg, Sahra Ebert. K.G.Trosch, Ralph Grawe, Luzia Schelling, Reiner Gabriel, Susanne Blatt, et al.

Freddy, a butterfly enthusiast, is seduced by a woman in Bavaria. When her husband Bernd discovers them enjoying a roll in hay, he goes wild. Freddy must flee and is given a lift by some young people in a van. He meets them again as his trying to organise the return journey. Dope smoking, the girls scavenging a living on the street, Freddy falls in love with Cornelia and gets into even more trouble. Eventually Freddy finds a solution and the two of them end up happily in Bavaria.

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