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Life Sucks Rudolf Steiner Film (Germany 1985)

Directors: Rudolf Steiner, Peter Stripp
Script: Peter Stripp
Kamera: Helge Weindler

: Armin Mueller-Stahl,
Katja Rupé, Siemen Ruehaak,
Samuel Caento Padilla,
Edica Grefa

Deep in the jungles of South America, the Germans are helping to build a dam, bringing energy for people and industry alike. No-one takes the plight of a small band of Indians seriously. Strangely, however, all the project managers fall victim to fatal accidents.

Kehlmann (Armin Mueller-Stahl) must take over from the most recent victim. A bitter struggle begins, between two men from contrasting cultures, the German manager with a mission and the distant and opaque native 'Indio', who has a secret that will overwhelm the German.
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