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Life Sucks Rudolf Steiner Film (Germany 1996)

Directors: Rudolf Steiner,
Ted Tetzke
Script: Ted Tetzke, Rudolf Steiner
Camera: Claus Neumann,
Ingo Baar

Cast: Theresa Hübchen,
Marie Gruber, Thomas Rühmann, Kurt Naumann, Sven Walser

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the Beast
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Melissa (38) and Nadja (23) live together in Berlin. Melissa, a cool collected beauty,has a successful career, but in private she is frustrated and wounded by her experiences with men. Nadja is an intelligent and sensitive young woman, who hides her gentle femininty behind a facade of aggression and provocation.

Their easy going life together is interrupted by Nadja's yearning for a child. The hunt for a suitable father for their 'Elite Baby' begins. He must be strong, intelligent, sensitive and lively. They come to the conclusion that the only acceptable father would be Albert Einstein. But, he is already dead,

"Searching for their "EINSTEIN" they meet all kinds of men, men with neurosis' and eccentricities, all of them victims of our 'modern industrial society'.
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