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Life Sucks Director: Rudolf Steiner
Screenplay: Richard Woelfel /
James Krell / Bethany E. Jacobson
Director of photography:
Constantin Kesting
Editor: Ann Collins
Costume Designer: Mila Hermanovski
Casting: Leonard Finger
Producer: Rudolf Steiner
Executive Producer: Bill Stitt

Cast: Michael Buscemi,
Scott Cohen, Kristen Wilson,
Darlene Dahl / Trailer

When Ludmilla the beautiful prostitute runs away from Eddie Stax, down-town-pimp and "purveyor of pleasure", Eddie hires his best friend Melville to find her and bring her back. But when Melville learns that Eddie has sold Ludmilla's baby to a phony adoption ring, all hell breaks loose. He and his estranged lover, Laura, set out to rescue the baby. Laura is captured by the adoption gangsters and brought to a clinic where illegal human experiments are being performed. At the last moment, she and the baby are rescued by Melville and their love gains a new quality.

Cross Eyed was invited to the Cairo Film Festival in Egypt.

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