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Life Sucks Rudolf Steiner Film 2008
92 mins. / Trailer

Director and screenplay:
Rudolf Steiner
Assistant director:
Erik S. Tesch
Director of photography:
Florian Trickes
Editing: Alfons Schröter
Sound: Patrick Conley
Music: Sternburg Rot

Cast: Johann Jürgens,
Marie Burchard,
Sebastian Schwarz,
Maykelin Quintero,
Bastian Klang, et al.

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As 'sprayers', Alex and Sarah swap ideas with each other via graffiti at the Mauerpark in Berlin, but they have never met. Although Alex is convinced that Sarah is the woman of his dreams, he also sure that their friendship would be destroyed, if they ever get to know one another personally.

Life Sucks is a lively and original love story. The characters are attractive and convincing as the central figures in this portrait of a sub-culture. The audience can be expected to identify with these young people, as the film explores their inner lives from an exceptional perspective.


Director: Rudolf Steiner
Assistant director: Erik S. Tesch / Bastian Klang
Screenplay: Rudolf Steiner
In cooperation with: John Clark / Pola Beck

Director of photography: Florian Trickes
Assistant camera: Norman Natterer
Editing: Alfons Schröter
Sound: Patrick Conley
Boom operator: Adrian Kosanke

Production design: Linus Neumann
Make-up: Anika Hinze
Lighting design: Stefan Taschke

Music: Sternburg Rot

Production manager: Zlata Findeis
Producer: Heidrun Steiner


Alex: Johann Jürgens
Lisa: Marie Burchard
Holger: Sebastian Schwarz
Sarah: Maykelin Quintero
Rudolf: Bastian Klang

Grandma: Doris Egbring-Kahn
Mehmet: Joey Bozat
Lydia: Manja Kuhl
Viola: Anna Bardorf
Barkeeper: Michael Danisch

Uncle Walter: Steffen Schult
Fiancé: Hannes Florstedt
Mother: Constanze Roeder
Father: Jörg Biester
Ralf: Janusz Kocaj
Alice: Fiona Lacki

Telephoneguy: Paul Schröder
Bum:Nadine Strümpfler
Alcoholic: Nela Bartsch
Roly-poly: Carolin Karnuth
Magneto: Wolfgang "Magneto" Kirsch

Location: Berlin

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