Rudolf Steiner Film
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Life Sucks
Rudolf Steiner Film 1996
96 mins. / Trailer

Director: Armin Mueller-Stahl
Script: Armin Mueller-Stahl,
Tom Abrams
Camera: Gerard Vandenberg

Cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl,
Bob Balaban, Katharina Böhm,
Dietmar Mues, Harald Juhnke,
Otto Sander, et al.

"HITLER" had six doubles, trained by Goebbels in the interests of his security. When the Third Reich capitulated, these scoundrels should have been eliminated, so no-one could be in any doubt that Hitler was indeed dead.

Though he should have gone willingly to his death, one of the doubles survived, an actor known as KRONSTADT, who then married his former girlfriend Hortense in Berlin. His attempt to become Hitler once more ends disastrously with an investigation.

WEBSTER, an American, is searching out details about HITLER , going into factual detail and questioning his motives, to uncover his personality and "character". He has to face the permanent worry that perhaps he is dealing with a clever swindler.

In Paris, he finds himself face to face with that man that would be Hitler.

Conversation with the Beast was invited to Film Festivals in Toronto, Berlin and 20 others festivals from Australia to Europe.

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