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At the age of 38, Nietzsche meets the love of his life in Rome, the beautiful 21 year old Lou Salomè. Nietzsche's patron, Malwida von Meysenburg keeps a sharp eye on everything he does. After weeks of madness in a Roman apartment with Paul Ree and Malwida, Lou is filled with passion and suggests that for the coming seven days, the love-struck Nietzsche, should send her seven sexually explicit letters, one per day.

If she receives them, on the seventh day, she will take off the seven layers of clothing that she wears and present herself naked for him.

Everything that happens, passes love by and ends in madness. That Malwida sleeps with the love stricken Nietzche, when Lou has gone on a journey with Paul Ree, changes nothing. In the end, Nietzche loses his Lou and she marries someone else.

This is a witty film about love and other difficulties and about the dangerous intospections of a confused and ultimately broken man.

Locations: Rome, Tuscany, Turin, Jena, Bayreuth
Cast: German and International

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